Flap and Glide


So, it happened. I went to another amazing networking event on Friday, complete with UNM alumni and inspiring career advice from people who’ve lived it. I stayed for an hour, gathered some great take-aways, and then had to run off to what turned out to be 4 hours of group project work.

Afterwards, I crashed. Not like crashed=fell asleep, but crashed=”I can’t do this anymore, I can’t fit five classes and two part-time jobs and a career search and Legacy Scholar work and two mentors and all this amazing advice into one semester!!!”

Like that.

It wasn’t much better the next morning, though I did knock out some homework and set a schedule for the rest of the weekend.

I know I’m doing fine, and everything’s under control, and the semester’s nearly half over, and I am on my way to reaching a lot of huge goals (!). But for the next 24 hours: I am taking a time-out.

If life is a series of flaps and glides (bird-style), it’s time for some glides.

I’ve got a lot of flapping to do next week (including two second interviews!), so today I’m going to be indoors, in sweatpants, textbook open, college football on TV, taking some deep breaths.

I feel better already. :)