Tuesday Video – Closer Than You Think.

Here is a great TEDxABQ talk by Don McIver about how a big change might not be such a reach–

Don McIver’s TED Talk.

Meanwhile, it’s finals week!  I am underwater with studying. Personal tax and financial accounting are left to go.  Corporate tax was tonight–and it knocked me out.  Plus, the exam didn’t finish until 9:45pm so…let’s just say I’m having Wendy’s for dinner.

Two more days!  Wish me luck.


Branding Bootcamp: Round 2


I attended a second Branding Boot Camp yesterday morning–this time to hand out This Way to CPA materials, to be a Career Services Student Ambassador presence, and to support Kate Williams, our Anderson Career Services advisor and resident branding genius. We watched the Ann Rhoades video again, and there was the Dwight Schrute slide, and a lot of LinkedIn advice.  It was great to be there in a supporting role this time–to watch as others uploaded photos to LinkedIn and brainstormed lists of their stand-out strengths.

Go branding!


Start Now


When I met with Jason Deshayes, he gave me a lot of great advice, but one theme really stood out: don’t wait.

He mentioned joining non-profit boards early in his career–not waiting until he was a senior or partner (which, a decade later, he is).

And he suggested that if you are a senior staff member and you are wanting to move up to being a manager, don’t wait.  Start doing whatever manager-type duties you can right away–take the initiative and the responsibility even before you have the title.

He said that something he has learned over the past decade is that even though you do have to let all the conditions come together on some things, you should never believe that “it’s not your time.”  Don’t wait for someone else’s idea of “your time”–write your own course!

Being an AICPA Legacy Scholar has motivated me to start making professional connections, and to try and set myself up to become a future leader in the field–even before I have earned all the credits to sit for the CPA exam.  For instance, I’m really interested in the sorts of conversations going on among current CPAs (especially young CPAs), so I follow people on twitter, follow firms and organizations on LinkedIn, and read blogs like the one at Thriveal.com.

The hashtag #aicpagc13 started showing up in my twitter feed this past weekend, along with some really great quotes and insights from speakers and panels at the meeting.  So I tweeted about how great that was, and I was quoted in CPA Tom Hood’s Storify the next day.  Pretty cool!

I’ve also started looking into CPA exam prep materials and test info; even though I can’t sit for the exam until next summer, I sure can get a head start on studying for it.

So my advice for today is: if you have an ambition to do something–start now.  In whatever way you can.  It all adds up.

Flap and Glide


So, it happened. I went to another amazing networking event on Friday, complete with UNM alumni and inspiring career advice from people who’ve lived it. I stayed for an hour, gathered some great take-aways, and then had to run off to what turned out to be 4 hours of group project work.

Afterwards, I crashed. Not like crashed=fell asleep, but crashed=”I can’t do this anymore, I can’t fit five classes and two part-time jobs and a career search and Legacy Scholar work and two mentors and all this amazing advice into one semester!!!”

Like that.

It wasn’t much better the next morning, though I did knock out some homework and set a schedule for the rest of the weekend.

I know I’m doing fine, and everything’s under control, and the semester’s nearly half over, and I am on my way to reaching a lot of huge goals (!). But for the next 24 hours: I am taking a time-out.

If life is a series of flaps and glides (bird-style), it’s time for some glides.

I’ve got a lot of flapping to do next week (including two second interviews!), so today I’m going to be indoors, in sweatpants, textbook open, college football on TV, taking some deep breaths.

I feel better already. :)