The Tests.

We never had this many tests when I was an undergraduate!

Mostly we wrote papers, which meant a lot of all-nighters and a lot of coffee. (I’ll take a test any day.)

The week before last, I had tests in 3 of my 5 classes. The downside is: a lot of tests. The upside is: teachers don’t usually assign additional homework on test week. So once the test is done–you get a little breather. (It’s a magical little grad school secret.)

The first test of the semester in each class was the hardest, because I didn’t really know the professor, or his/her testing or grading style. But this was round two–and I was ready! I knew what to study for whom, and which test would be the hardest. I studied A LOT because there’s nothing like going into a test super-prepared. Plus, I’m only doing this grad school thing once! (I hope.)