Finding Cheerleaders


This is a sign I made for my nephew’s first triathlon last summer.  This post was going to be about a lunch meeting I had with my mentor on Friday, but instead it’s going to be about something that meeting made me realize I am thankful for in my lift right now:


Having a mentor is great for a lot of reasons.  It’s nice to ask questions of someone who is working in the accounting field, and who isn’t a recruiter or potential employer.  It’s nice to get advice on interviewing and insight into the hiring process.  And I think I will be able to job-shadow my mentor later in the year, which I’m really excited about.

Another reason my mentor is great is because she’s one of my cheerleaders.  Simple comments like, “You have a really strong resume,” or, “You’re going to do great!” give me a lot of confidence and motivation.  Even her request that I keep checking in and let her know how things are going makes me remember that there are people who are supporting me in this sometimes stressful and overwhelming recruiting period.

Once I started thinking about it, I realized that I have cheerleaders all over the place.  There’s my career advisor, who I ran into right before an interview on Thursday.  “Show them you’re excited about them.  Mention your award!  You’ll do great!” she said.  In the waiting room for the interview, another one of the career services team walked by.  “You two look great,” she said to me and the other student who was waiting.  She reminded us to follow up with thank you notes after the interview and gave us an encouraging smile.

They’re everywhere– a lot of my peers are also interviewing with these firm right now, and instead of it becoming a competitive environment, people are mostly really supporting each other.  “The interviewer is really nice,” said one student who had a time slot before me.  “You’ll do great!”  And then of course there are people like my mom and my boyfriend, who don’t know much about the hiring process for accounting firms, but just remain unwaveringly enthusiastic about my chances of landing a job.

One of my commitments on this journey is to staying positive no matter what–I don’t think that negativity is going to help me reach my goals, and I don’t really have time for it!  But despite my best efforts, there are disappointments and self-doubt does creep in from time to time.  At those moments especially, some encouraging words can make all the difference.