Career Fair 2013

Well folks, I did it! After spending an hour checking in backpacks, umbrellas, and bags for other students, I fixed my hair, got a quick drink from the food court, and entered my very first career fair.

Our Career Development Facilitator saw me walking in, and offered to introduce me to a KPMG recruiter. After quick introductions, she left me to my own devices, I asked and answered questions, handed over my resume, and–voila!–first connection made.

Everything went really fast, which made me super thankful for the career workshops I had attended in advance of the fair. Most recruiters started off by asking, “So what brings you here today?” And I had a “30-second commercial,” which I drew from to answer that and other questions. It was super helpful to know in advance the bullet points about my education and qualifications that I wanted to share.

I also had researched my target companies to the extent possible–looking through their website and flyers, asking a professor who has a lot of experience in the field, and drawing on what I learned in the Meet the Firms event a couple of weeks ago. So when the recruiters asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” in a lot of cases I really did have one.

I got comfortable saying, “Can I hand you my resume?” and pulling a resume (and business card) out of my black padfolio when they said yes. I think there was only one firm that said they’d prefer to receive the material online–most were glad to have something to glance at as we spoke.

I also said hello to the representatives at the New Mexico Society of CPAs booth and the NM Public Accountancy Board booth–I expect I’ll be in close contact with both as I continue on my path to becoming a CPA.

So step one down.