On Passion/On Excellence


The photo above is from a rehearsal at Theaterwork, the theater company of which I’ve been a member for the past 9 years. The buzzword around Theaterwork is always “excellence.” We are not only following our passions–for directing and performing and bringing a script to life on the stage–but we are dedicating ourselves to doing so entirely, impeccably–excellently.

Passions have their own energy and momentum in the beginning, but it takes something more to transform a passion into a finished product. It takes commitment and it takes setting a standard for yourself that you refuse to dip below. When roadblocks creep in along the way–including fatigue, doubt, and rejection–it is your self-set standard that can give you the wherewithal to continue to press on.

My standard is excellence. I am on a journey (graduate school, career change…) that involves a lot of opportunities to become overwhelmed or overworked, defeated or derailed. But I keep looking at pictures like this, and remembering that not only am I committed to rising to the occasion, I am capable of it. I will and I have.

And so I press on. Arms raised.