The Best Pencil

It is the end of my first week as a Master of Accounting student. I have spent nearly every free moment of my weekend doing homework with this pencil, which is a little worse for wear but which I can’t replace because it has the best lead of all the pencils in my pencil box.

I have been working on a System’s Understanding Aid for my Accounting Information Systems class.  It’s basically an enactment of all the phases in the accounting cycle, one by one, on paper.  I’ve written invoices and completed bills of lading, posted journal entries and ledger entries, and closed the books at the end of “December 2013.”  I even had a freight carrier pick up cargo on Christmas Eve, which I don’t think is actually possible.

It was a lot of tedious work, but it was also a lot of….fun.  (Am I allowed to say that?)

I think this accounting stuff might be right up my alley.