Why does Accounting Matter?

Here is a great article by Jeremy Sanders on the importance of accounting:

Start to Finish, It’s All About the Numbers


That One Problem

Sometimes (ok, often?) in a homework assignment, I’ll be cruising right along until…that one problem. And for some reason, even though I had no trouble calculating Towana’s pre-tax savings, I cannot for the life of me translate that into her post-tax savings.

So I furrow my brow, furiously consult the textbook, log out and go to a different computer, and start composing an involved email to my professor outlining my predicament and begging for assistance. And then, I take one more glance at the applicable textbook page: and there it is. The clouds part. I need to subtract Jonothan’s tax rate (his name is really spelled that way) from Towana’s tax rate and use that percentage.  I try it.  My answer turns from red to green.  I am elated beyond compare.

This is an ongoing cycle as a five-course-taking graduate student.  Sometimes it makes homework assignments take a lot longer than (I think) they should.  But you know what? It’s going to be a long time before I forget how to calculate the post-tax savings of income-shifting strategies (when lawfully applied).

And there’s something about getting to what looks like a dead end, and then getting through it all on my own.  For a little while I’m left thinking: hey, maybe I’ll get through this graduate school stuff after all.


Dress for Success

(Note: this post is not sponsored by any of the businesses mentioned below.)

Career Week (er—fortnight?) is upon us, and with that comes dressing for success. If you’ve been to the Career Services Pinterest page or googled “Business Professional Attire” and ended up with a PDF like this or this, you’ve got the guidelines down pat. (If not, attend Dress for Success: Making a Great First Impression on Tuesday, September 3rd!)

But where do you get it all? Though it is a great investment (hopefully you’ll be rocking that suit in the workplace next summer!), high-quality professional clothing can get expensive.  Here are my favorite places to score deals without compromising a polished look:

Thred Up

Need a whole suit? This site sells barely-used clothing at deep discounts. They don’t have a Men’s section yet (sorry guys!), but for the ladies it’s a great place to grab a head-to-toe look. (Check out the Women’s dress and skirt suits page.) The negative–you can’t try anything on before you buy it, and there’s not much description of the item beyond a size, brand, and single photograph. If you’re familiar with the way a certain brand fits you, or are willing to take a risk and return a few things, you can walk away with a $200 suit for $25-30.


ebay is one of my favorite places to buy clothes. The key here is to know what brand, size, and style works for you–and to be able to infer an item’s condition from the description and photographs offered. For instance, you might search for “J Crew button S” in the Women’s shirts category, sort by lowest price, and find a once-worn $89.00 shirt that you can snatch up for just $11.25. Most of these items are just a dry cleaning or ironing away from being Career Fair-ready.


My third go-to, especially for business casual items, is good old Ross Dress for Less. The negative here is selection–any given store usually has about two button-downs and three pairs of pants in my size at any given time. So you probably won’t update your entire wardrobe in one visit, but everything is brand new, you can try things on, and often you might walk away with one new blouse or pair of slacks at 50%-75% savings.

So those are my tips! Career Week and other professional events can be a little intimidating, but getting dressed up should be fun. I was handing out nametags at the Meet the Firms event last Friday, and seeing everyone in their professional outfits made me so excited for the futures we are building for ourselves here at Anderson.

See you at the Career Fair!